Whether you’re into homemade dishes or restaurants that serve awesome spicy dishes that will knock you down for the count, you can get them here with a bit of knowledge of local areas.

I made this myself and put extra chilly peppers in it to wake me up in the morning, nothing like a kick start to your day like a hot #spicyfood hit. (^_-) what a killer meal….  Mama creamy spicy Tom Yum noddles all the way from bangkok hot in my bowl with 2 eggs and pickled hot peppers to boast it up.


Toko is my number one Asian food outlet here in Utrecht but you guys might have your own ideas I don’t know but its all good when it comes to spicyfood at Toko believe me I should know after spending years in Southeast Asian before.


These came from a normal Albert Hejin not bad but not mind blowing….  Chilly is are the best don’t your agree?

They sort out your head out and u can think better after a dose of them.

Morning routine

Get up
Eat spicy food

I do like to eat spicy food and miss Asian in a way because of all the beautiful dishes and life style….

That’s the reason I blog and make video’s to travel and eat delicious flavourful meals.

There’s plenty of international cuisine here in Amsterdam or Utrecht and other cities but my favorite has to be spicyfood.  Some people don’t like it and i can’t understand that with so much choose and flavours how can it be misses out on!

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One world, one mouth to eat with..

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