MVI_1651.MOV.Still003Today I when to visit a little town called Amersfoort which is in the east of the Netherlands about 20 miles from Utrecht, my first impressions were decided upon visting it two years ago with my girl friend for a more formal reason.
This time I was on a pleasure trip well …. I call it pleasure but I had a interview with a recruitment company about a job I had apply for on the internet, in between times I thought why not have a look around and try some of the nice things to eat in Amersfoort. To my surprise there was a nice little shop called Nomys Frozen Yogurt which looked very nice from the outside with bright colours and even a place to sit outside.
The weather wasn’t too nice but thats to be expected for March in the netherlands, March and April showers. If you have been following me for a while your know I have a Youtube channel were i post regular video blogs on places I visit and food I eat. The video below pictates my experience at Nomys frozen yougurt shop in amersfoort.MVI_1651.MOV.Still007 MVI_1651.MOV.Still006 MVI_1651.MOV.Still005 MVI_1651.MOV.Still004

MVI_1651.MOV.Still002 MVI_1651.MOV.Still001MVI_1651.MOV.Still008