MVI_1273.MOV.Still001Utrecht has a shopping center in the train station where you can find V&D, on the top floor inside the store there’s a little food hall called La Place. I took a visit to La Place sat down at one of the many tables and sampled a traditional dessert from the Netherlands. Appeltaart which means Apple pie it usually served with cream, mine came with cream and nuts together.MVI_1273.MOV.Still002 MVI_1273.MOV.Still003 MVI_1273.MOV.Still006 MVI_1273.MOV.Still005 MVI_1273.MOV.Still007 MVI_1273.MOV.Still004

You can see Apple pie in all the cafe windows whereever you go throughout Holland. The Dutch certainly do have a sweet tooth and love a good pie or dessert, you can see me eating other sweet dutch desserts on my Youtube channel or check my post on the number one bakery in Utrecht blog post I wrote about Bond en smolders.

I made a video about my trip to La Place which is available for you to feast your eyes on below.La Place was a good location for me to come and try the Appeltaart because I was working in the Belgium beer cafe Olivier about 3 floors below the cafe.