Great selection of cake from Supervlaai Winkelcentrum Kanaleneiland Utrecht. If your ever in the area shopping you have to try a cake form this authentic dutch cake shop. They serve super yummy cakes and the coffee is only on euro a excellent price for the quality.

Image7Image8The only thing is you can only taste a slice of cake if its been cut so the ones you see full you have to buy the whole cake or you cant taste it 😦Image9Image10

Its a nice place where you can sit and watch the world go by in a very multicultural shopping center for cheap shopping, a around the block style building where you literally can walk around a circle window shopping.


I choose the hazelnut chocolate cake because the staff member told me it was delicious and he was right about that, lovely texture and amazing quality custard. You guy can watch my full review in a video i made about Supervlaai below.


I would have to rate this lovely little dutch cake shop pretty highly because of the service,supervlaai-logo the guy let me off 50 cents because the pin machine was broken so i would like to thank him for that.

A good selection of tasty little numbers and a very relaxing atmosphere.

if you have been to this shop leave me a comment on your opinion of it, i am be interested to know what you think.

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