Automat food machines

An automat is a fast food place to eat where simple foods and drink are served by wall vending machines. You just put in the money in change and put comes a delicious snack #awwyeah 😀
The first AUTOMAT, 13 Leipziger strasse, Berlin, Germany; 1897 (Max Sielaff)

Horn & Hardart was a food services company in the United States, noted for operating the first food service automats in Philadelphia and New York City.
A Horn & Hardart postcard explaining how food was served in an automat (c. 1930s)

Automat at 1165 Sixth Avenue, New York City, showing areas for beverages and pies at right of dining area.


FEBO is the Netherlands brand of fast food vending machines still in operation today, you can find them in the high streets of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and all over the country selling battered snacks to customers.

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