In my experience of eating McDonald’s burger king KFC and other fast food brands in the Netherlands I would like to say that the buildings are well kept and very modern compared to some places I have visiting in other parts of the world like the US, Indonesian and Thailand.

It always interests me when the menu items in fast food restaurants are tailored to the countries cuisine, like the mckroket for example is famous country wide some people like it and some think its a disgrace to dutch culture. It’s like if you go to Thailand and order the menu item from there counties cuisine in mcdonalds you could get a mcpadthai a rice based meal.

check out some of my fast food reviews below and tell me your thoughts about the quality of service and  cleanliness of the building and food.


Depending on what day it is generally speaking serving time in the Netherlands is quick and to the point I have on the other hand had to wait long periods of time at some outlets i.e if you watching my my dutch special video can see they don’t like you riding in on your bike thru the drive thru.

Most of the time when filming in fast food restaurants the manger will approach me and ask what i am doing where i response saying i am doing a food review and they let me continue, only once have I had a problem with the mcdonalds manger saying your not allowed to filming in the restaurants when recording on my iphone at night, i don’t know why but its just there policy in some places your not allowed to film even still i find a way to conceal my gopro and g7x canon camera to get the shot and do the review lol. Hope your guys enjoy my efforts.

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